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An Overview of Ink & Graphic Design

Quick - think of a method of artistic expression.
You probably came up with painting, sculpting, video, or even performance art. Here's an art form that doesn't often come to mind: graphic design.
Simply put, graphic design is the use of computer software and similar tools to create images and designs. Most people associate graphic design in the business world for such functions as creating company logos, designing marketing materials and ads, and preparing PowerPoint or similar-type presentations.

Agora Exhibition - One Year Later

August is commonly known as the only month which does not contain any holidays. But that doesn't mean that there shouldn't be cause for celebration in the eighth month of the year.
For Susannah Virginia Griffin, this August is a little bit extra special. That's because it marks the one-year anniversary of the exhibition of many of her paintings atAgora Galleryin New York City. This contemporary art gallery in Manhattan is known for showcasing the work of globally-renowned artists for the last three decades.

iPhone Photography: A New Trend

Many people dream of being an artist, but don't want to invest a lot of money in art supplies or set aside time to learn how to create art. If you're one of these people, listen up: you may already have the tool needed to become an artist. And it's sitting in your pocket or purse right now.
The trend is known asiPhone photography(also called mobilography). People around the world are grabbing their iPhones and using them to take beautiful, artistic photos. In fact, there's even an iPhone Photography Awards competition that has been in existence since 2007!

In the News Today........

Scientist claim Jupiter is now melting...and all I could think about was a Gobstopper.

I was just imagining........

what I could do with my geodes as I collect them, and I think they would make a beautiful walkway........placing them back in the earth.  Wouldn't that be BEAUTIFUL?!!!

"Geode Shrine"

My collection from the Museum of Natural Science "geode cracking"

Isn't it pretty?!!


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