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Brush Off! The Joy of Painting With a Palette Knife

Countless artists around the world choose to express themselves on canvas with a paint brush. But what if you want to be a little different from the crowd?
Ever considered painting with a palette knife?
The effect of palette knife painting is much more textured and vivid than the same work which has been created by a regular brush. If you think you might be interested in experimenting with a palette knife, here is a quick primer on the technique:

  1. Hold a palette knife like you would a brush.

Got Some Free Time-Visit the Griffin Gallery!

Fall is upon us in Houston, so it's a time when people can actually venture out of their homes without being oppressed by heat and humidity. So you may be starting to fill your social calendar with different things to see and do in Houston.
Here's an idea: why not take some time and visit the Griffin Gallery?
Susannah Virginia Griffin has opened a new art space in the Upper Kirby area of the city. The Griffin Gallery is at 2825 Colquitt Street, which is a block north of Richmond Avenue and about a quarter mile west of Kirby Drive.

Susannah Virginia Griffin- Artist AND Mother

When some people envision the life of an artist, they may conjure up images of someone spending hours at a time in a studio or room almost every day of the week, constantly entranced by the "creative process," and intensely focused on creating their next work of art. But in reality, many artists live fairly ordinary lives, with the same responsibilities, activities, and time demands as the average person.
Take Susannah Virginia Griffin, for example. Although she is an accomplished artist, she also has the most important occupation in the world: motherhood.

Susannah's Inspiration: Duncan Simmons

Every artist can point to something that inspires him or her. For Susannah Virginia Griffin, one source of her inspiration comes from the man who first taught her to paint: her father.
Duncan Simmons is a hyper-realist and watercolorist who attended the Houston Museum of Fine Art's Glassell School of art just like Susannah did. He has been painting in watercolors since 1996, but has worked with acrylic paint for over four decades.
Simmons has won numerous awards for his artwork over the years, and you may have seen some of his paintings at the University of Texas, the Memorial Hermann Hospital system, and many other private companies.

The Women of Susannah Virginia Griffin

There's no pat answer to the question "What does Susannah Virginia Griffin paint?" An intricate array of images, objects, people, and scenes can be found among Susannah's works.
That said, Susannah does often channel her artistic talents into creating breathtaking images of women. Here are several of her most recent paintings.
"From the Heart" - A portrait of Jesus' mother Mary, this painting was completed by candlelight in just half an hour. It was inspired by Susannah's trip to the Vatican.

An Overview of Ink & Graphic Design

Quick - think of a method of artistic expression.
You probably came up with painting, sculpting, video, or even performance art. Here's an art form that doesn't often come to mind: graphic design.
Simply put, graphic design is the use of computer software and similar tools to create images and designs. Most people associate graphic design in the business world for such functions as creating company logos, designing marketing materials and ads, and preparing PowerPoint or similar-type presentations.

Going Off to College? Keep Your Options Open

It's late August - which means this is the time of year where college students have already gone off to school or will soon depart their "summer homes" to begin their fall semester of classes. Many of these young adults have already declared a major or identified a path of study, while others are still searching to find their passion.
For all college students, here's a little bit of advice: don't ever close yourself off from other options. 

Agora Exhibition - One Year Later

August is commonly known as the only month which does not contain any holidays. But that doesn't mean that there shouldn't be cause for celebration in the eighth month of the year.
For Susannah Virginia Griffin, this August is a little bit extra special. That's because it marks the one-year anniversary of the exhibition of many of her paintings atAgora Galleryin New York City. This contemporary art gallery in Manhattan is known for showcasing the work of globally-renowned artists for the last three decades.

iPhone Photography: A New Trend

Many people dream of being an artist, but don't want to invest a lot of money in art supplies or set aside time to learn how to create art. If you're one of these people, listen up: you may already have the tool needed to become an artist. And it's sitting in your pocket or purse right now.
The trend is known asiPhone photography(also called mobilography). People around the world are grabbing their iPhones and using them to take beautiful, artistic photos. In fact, there's even an iPhone Photography Awards competition that has been in existence since 2007!

"Johnny Fish"

Why take the bait, if you are already being fed?

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